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HUMANA People to People Italia ONLUS

The organization was started in 1998 with the purpose to raise funds for development projects in the third world.
The organization is a registred ONLUS and has its legal address in Pregnana Milanese (MI) Via Bergamo 9B-C.
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Clothes collection

HUMANA People to People Italia ONLUS (organizzazione non lucrative di utilità sociale) has as main activity been organizing collection of clothes and has today the collaboration with about 450 municipalities in the regions Lombarda, Piemonte, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Le Marche and Abruzzo. 

The collection of clothes is a part of the national program to increase the diversified  collection of waste.

HUMANA People to People Italia ONLUS has established a collaboration with HUMANA People to People Italia Socità Cooperativa a r.l. which does the collection of the clothes and delivers to HUMANA People to People Italia ONLUS summer clothes to be sent for development purposes mainly in Mozambique.
HUMANA People to People Italia Socità Cooperativa a r.l. has main office just outside Milano (Pregnana Milanese) and local warehouses in Torbole (BS), Rovigo (RO), Pineto (TE), Pomezia (RM) and Torino (TO).

Support to the projects

In the support of the projects the organizzation has also started to develop fundraising from both private and public entities.

The main projects supported by HUMANA People to People Italia ONLUS in 2012 are:

In Mozambique:

5 Teacher Training Colleges;

2 Vocational Schools, One World University;

2 schools for vulnerable children, Farmers Club and prevention HIV/AIDS.

In Malawi:

4 Teacher Training Colleges;

2 Vocational Schools and Farmers Club; 

In Zambia:

Children’s Town;

Farmers Club;

Prevention HIV/AIDS;

1 Teacher Training college;

In Zimbabwe:

Farmers Club and prevention HIV/AIDS; 

2 Vocational Schools;

In India:

Rural development;

Schools for working children;


Support has been given by municipalities, companies and private persons for example:
Fondazione CARIPLO, Fondazione MPS (Teacher training college Macuse and Inhambane)
SSL Healthcare  (Hoper Beira)
Exprivia (Hope Maputo)
Zucchi (Children’s town Zambia)


Volunteer Program

From October 2007 we have in Italy the 14 months Development Instructor Program. Read about it.


Other Activities

HUMANA is visible in the different events during the year.
Zimbabwe Master Sculptors – six exhibitions in 2006
Development Education School Program
Civitas – Padova (fair for non profit organizations)
Terra Futura – Firenze (fair for non profit organizations)
Fa la Cosa Giusta – Milano (fair for non profit organizations)
Exhibitions in collaboration with the Muncipalities
Other smaller events


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